Welcome to Talkgroup Radio your RoIP Community Hub for all things DMR / BrandMeister / Marc / D-Star / Wires-X / YSF / C4FM and related. Radio over Internet Protocol, or RoIP, is very similar to Voice over Internet Protocol or VoIP that many of us ham amateur radio operators may have used, RoIP augments two-way radio communications via the Internet. A valid ham license is needed and protocols are much the same on-air RF. You are viewing our eCard type page with links to our Stations Website - eMail - Social Media Channels. Our Stations Main Website Content: - RoIP TRAINING - RoIP TALKGROUP LISTINGS - RoIP VIDEOS - RoIP POLLS. - RoIP NEWS FEED (via Twitter website widget) Amateur Radio operators feedback is encouraged to make this station your first stop for RoIP Information and NEWS. We encourage content contributions from our community, please use our email link below for submissions. 73 station manager, de M7WDX. Please visit the RoIP LINKS BELOW ¬