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Welcome to Talkgroup Radio your Community Hub for all things DMR / BrandMeister / Marc / D-Star / Wires-X / YSF / C4FM and related. The Talkgroup Cluster when not in use to support a national / local emergency event may be used for general community chat, Ham Radio, EMCOMM Training, EMCOMM News, Local Community Events and the like. When the channel is in use for EmComm Support please keep that channel clear! EMCOMMS CLUSTER: DMR EMCOMMS WORLD talkgroup 86134 D-Star EMCOMMS DG-ID-16 Wires-X ysf 86134 GB-C4FM-Radio TALKRADIO Radio over Internet Protocol, or RoIP, is very similar to Voice over Internet Protocol or VoIP that many of us ham amateur radio operators may have used, RoIP augments two-way radio communications via the Internet. A valid ham license is needed and protocols are much the same on-air RF. Cluster Admin M7WDX EmComms Org Founder & Admin M7WDX